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ep26.jpg (91012 bytes)EP26 is a creation of EPHA S.A. innovations laboratory. This product is an authentic step forward in the surfaces pre-treatment.
EP26 is an anticorrosive phosphatizing and passivatizing product which provides a painting adhesive, even to paint over mirror-like galvanization, without affecting the galvanization, providing an anticorrosive, very resistant film which allows the storage of parts treated with EP26 without paitinting them during very lengthy periods of time such as one year or more, depending on the dilution of the product.
EP26 gives the part treated a film which creates a suitable basis for the application and adhesion of paints in general such as alkyidic enamels, varnishes, powder coatings, etc.
This product is ideal to paint steel, iron, aluminium, bronze, copper, galvanized parts, glass, ceramics, etc; It is a very versatile product wich has a great usefulness, as both ferrous and non-ferrous minerals can be treated in the same form.

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These are the main comparative advantages:

You can only need to wet the part to be treated through its inmersion in a washing pan, spray, irrigation by sprinkler, paint sprayer, paintbrush, pain roller, mopping, etc.

Dry up at room temperature and in few minutes.

Does not need any type of subsequent wash or passivation. Once the EP26 is drained, the treated parts can enter into the drying process.

Does not use water; for that reason you do not need to install a purification plant.

There is no possibility of pollution as there are no wastes.

Does not need controls nor cover titration.

Has a very lengthy "Useful Life" which only depends on the quantity and type of greases or oils which the parts to be treated may have, as there is no degradation.

Significantly reduces the production costs and the treatment periods of time.

Considerably simplifies the process. An only application, in an only washing pan and in seconds.

When the liquid paints are subsequently applied, yo will only need the draining of the material and a little airing (that is, wet-on-wet).

For Industrial use or home use.

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